Dashboards: The Future for Market Research

It is imperative that you have the right audience insights to ensure your content is getting in front of the right people, on the right platform, at the right ...
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Getting In Deep: The Why’s Behind Consumer Behavior

Behavior tracking is essential when growing eCommerce. Knowing the why behind consumer behavior allows for a tailored shopping approach.
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The Importance of Adaptability in Market Research

The rapid changes to the consumer journey have affected market research. Businesses need to adapt, innovate, and stay creative to remain competitive.
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Down the Shopper Rabbit Hole: How Do Customers Decide Which Toothpaste and Mouthwash to Buy?

With so many choices available choosing between brands can seem like going down the rabbit hole for customers. So how do shoppers decide what to buy?
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4 New Trends on the Horizon for Ecommerce

Shopper insights can help you stay ahead of the curve in ecommerce. Consumer research allows you to stay ahead of the consumer journey and increase ROI.
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45 Years and Counting: How Shopper Insights Have Evolved

Founder of Luth Research, Roseanne Luth, shares the changes she has seen over the last 45 years in business and how it has affected shopper insights.
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5 Ways the Shopper Journey is Changing

The Shopper Journey is constantly changing. Here are five progressions that are important for any company to know in 2022.
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5 Benefits to Digital Tracking That Can Impact Your ROI

The better the customer experience you offer, the more customers—and loyal customers—you will have
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Micro Tracking VS Macro Tracking - What's the Difference?

Monitoring how your customers move through the buyer’s journey is critical. It helps you understand their behaviors and guides your marketing strategies by ...
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When Does it Make Sense to Take Your Research to the Next Level?

Don’t fall into this trap: You’re a successful business, and in your mind, you feel whatever you’re doing is working, so why change?
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Paid VS. Organic: Which Has Greater Influence Over Consumer Behaviors?

When creating an online presence and building brand awareness online, the two avenues you can choose from are paid advertising and organic marketing.