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45 Years and Counting: How Shopper Insights Have Evolved

Roseanne Luth joins Sima Vasa, of the Data Gurus podcast, for an informative and inspiring discussion on the changes they have witnessed in shopper behaviors over the last 45 years. 

Roseanne says it best, “If you don’t evolve as the world changes, you’ll be left behind.”


1977 — Before Online Consumer Research Panels Existed

Starting a business was challenging in a male-dominated world, men made up 80% of the workforce in the 70s. Roseanne had to see herself as an equal and work harder to make her business succeed. Confidence was the main driver of her success in the business world. Roseanne wasn’t going to let her gender define her success; she let her success define her. 

That’s how Luth Research was born! She was surrounded by people who supported and helped her bring her vision to life. Running her own business allowed her to be more flexible and take risks. 


Growth and Innovation

There’s always going to be a next big thing. It's easy to get lost and become obsolete with significant advances in technology and customer journey stages. Roseanne wasn’t going to let that happen. She knew there would have to be a substantial change to evolve. Luth Research jumped into the online/digital world early. She explains how her company would cease to exist if it didn’t go in this direction. She talks more about this trailblazing effort  and how Luth Research would go on to double its revenue in just two years after incorporating Luth’s respondent panel to online methodologies. 

There can be challenges with any risk, but Roseanne doesn’t allow her setbacks to be seen as unfavorable. Ultimately, they are learning curves that will enable her and her team to grow and adapt. 

Much like Luth Research, shoppers are becoming more innovative. 45 years ago, people were shopping exclusively in stores and out of Sears catalogs. E-commerce started to pick up in the 1990s. Businesses began to adapt to online shopping models for consumers to avoid sinking among the sea of other online shops. In the 2020s, we are seeing significant increases in shoppers staying home and shopping online. Consumers are now able to get harder to reach products quicker and easier. 


45 Years and Beyond

“A leader is always on stage, and everyone is watching, so you should act like it.” Roseanne lives by this statement and believes emotions shouldn’t control us. If people are looking to you, you have to remain poised, put together and professional. When hiring both high-paid and minimum wage employees, she employs people who won't look down upon others. Everyone is equal. We were all at the bottom once, so helping those below you reach the top is essential.

The more her business grows, the more Roseanne wants to see a great future for everyone at Luth Research. Her goal is to grow the company enough to see that every employee does well for themselves. 


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Listen in to hear the whole story of Luth's transformation on the Data Gurus podcast.

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