5 Ways the Shopper Journey is Changing

The Shopper Journey is constantly changing. Here are five progressions that are important for any company to know in 2022.
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4 Benefits to Measuring SVOD Media Consumption Behavior

It is imperative that you have the right audience insights to ensure your content is getting in front of the right people, on the right platform, at the right ...
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The Advantage of Digital Behavior When Doing Online Surveys

Researchers have been sampling and analyzing digital behavior information since the inception of market research. The trouble is collecting accurate data.
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Unearthing Data on Consumer Behavior for Ad Effectiveness with ZQ Technology

For ad sales executives, providing proof of concept and a compelling story to advertisers about any opportunity in the market requires great data.
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Is Your Retail Business Collecting this Data?

If you’re in the business of retail, you should also be in the business of data collection.
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Retailers: Are You Tracking the Right Data for Your Brand?

Retailers have been tracking customer data ever since the first dry goods store owner jotted down customers’ purchases in a leather-bound ledger with a ...