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4 Benefits to Measuring SVOD Media Consumption Behavior

It’s no surprise to anyone that media consumption habits have had major changes over the last 10 years. In fact, even over the last three years, we have seen major shifts. An article on Oberlo predicts per day usage as “Digital media consumption is forecast to increase and hit 503 minutes, or eight hours and 23 minutes, [in 2023]. Analysts predict it will rise by another five minutes to total eight hours and 28 minutes in 2024”.  

Eight hours! That is an entire workday for most people. This increase in time spent on digital media has only decreased the time spent on traditional media. You may have strategies in place to measure traditional media usage, but if you are not including digital media in your insights, then you are missing key insight tracking that is crucial to your business’s success.  It is imperative that you have the right audience insights to ensure your content is getting in front of the right people on the right platform and at the right time.

4 Benefits of SVOD Measurement: 

While there are many benefits to insight tracking when it comes to SVOD media consumption, we want to focus on four:


  1. Gain competitive intelligence, inform content creation strategy, and determine content and distribution partnerships
  2. Bridge the gap in digital measurement so content providers and digital channels make informed decisions about licensing content to subscription-based platforms vs. the traditional ad-supported television
  3. Observe audience behaviors in a non-ad environment where the audience is in control of the content
  4. Access 24/7 digital activities among SVOD and video entertainment app users

By Collecting and analyzing title-level viewer and audience data for videos watched across mobile phones, tablets, and computers you will inform your content creation strategy and content distribution partnerships. SVOD measurement also offers the information you need to make better decisions about licensing content and subscription-based platforms versus traditional ad-support television. After all, your audience may behave differently in a non-ad environment they control like Netflix.

Luth Research has the ability to collect and examine leading streaming video on demand (SVOD) services and video entertainment apps (i.e. Netflix, YouTube, Disney Apps) across all devices. This is done with two critical technical capabilities. The first is the ability to track in-app data including encrypted data to pinpoint the viewing events. The second establishes a comprehensive library of show/movie titles identifiable with their codes used by the video service provider. This data access opens the door to observing audience behaviors in a non-ad environment, like Netflix, where the audience has more control.

Questions Answered May Include:

What is the optimal YouTube content for my consumer?

What is the reach of specific shows/movies of a specific genre on Netflix?

How much time weekly is spent on Prime video among my consumer categories?

What are the specific demographics of the Netflix audience at the show title level?

As 2023 begins be sure you have the tools and behavior insights available to inform all your strategies and set you up for success. Look to Luth Research to guide you in navigating through what insights tracking is best for your company and that brings you closer to your goals.

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