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Unearthing Data on Consumer Behavior for Ad Effectiveness with ZQ Technology

Are your ads telling the right stories? Reaching the right audiences? Converting the right customers? How about getting ahead on current trends?

Tracking the ROI of any marketing and media spending seems like the obvious thing to do. But, according to the HubSpot 2021 State of Marketing Report, only 37% of marketers feel confident in making budget decisions when it comes to investing in campaigns that influence revenue. Why is that? A lack of confidence around marketing spending comes down to a fundamental lack of understanding about the consumer journey, the effectiveness of ads in reaching the right audiences, and whether they’re making the right kind of impact.

For ad sales executives, providing proof of concept and a compelling story to advertisers about any opportunity in the market requires great data. And only the most sophisticated of audience insights tools can give you the kind of persuasive data you need.

What Do Brands Need to Know About Their Media Spend?

Awareness, engagement and conversion: For brands to be sure they’re getting it right when it comes to their media spend, they must be able to see their ads making a positive impact in these key areas of the consumer journey. Despite the fact that most brands are aware that media spending is important to their overall marketing strategy, many either don’t know how to measure its effectiveness or are unsure about how to read the data.  Not to mention, brand executives are as time-poor as everyone else these days. What they need to see is clear, concise, compelling data that shows they’re putting their dollars into the right jars.

Calculating ROI on media spending is not a straightforward process and so, many brands still adopt a "spray and pray" approach to their advertising – spending blindly, across multiple avenues, and hoping to see some increase in revenue (although not being entirely sure where it came from). Where savvy ad sales executives get the jump on the competition is in having access to better insight tracking tools and presenting more convincing, accurate, data to brands for data-driven decision making. These types of sophisticated insights show brands:

  • Ad Impact: The influence of digital ad campaigns on consumers online
  • Ad performance: Determine the strength of the ad while in-flight
  • Ad effectiveness: Measure the effectiveness of different types of ads across different devices

Moreover, cutting-edge digital behavior tracking data can help brands better understand:

  • Consumer habits by identifying the ideal time and digital medium for reaching your target market.
  • Consumer narratives that help craft an effective ad campaign,
  • Consumer personas that help drives sales, and
  • Consumer behavior insights that give the full picture of how consumers behave online and offline.

    Unearthing Data on Consumer Behavior for Ad Effectiveness with ZQ Technology

Unearthing detailed data on consumer behavior through advanced analytics tools like ZQ Intelligence from Luth Research ensures ad effectiveness for brands and helps justify the business case for their media spend.  

The Most Compelling Consumer Behavior Data with ZQ Intelligence

Today, audiences are using more devices than ever before, and their experience on each of these may differ greatly. So too does their behavior.

Gaining deeper insights into your audience and better understanding (and influencing) the consumer journey requires state-of-the-art digital behavior tracking technology. Offering a complete single-source, omnichannel solution, ZQ Intelligence® provides a unique blend of niche-specific insights that allow you to uncover cross-platform media consumption for your target audience. From media consumption to ad effectiveness, to SVOD measurement, ZQ Intelligence can give you the specific insights you need to build stories your target audiences identify with and measure their success even while ads are live. Our industry-leading platform can filter by ad exposure, demographics, brand and product usages, program viewing on SVOD platforms and YouTube, and search behavior – to inform your content creation strategy and content distribution decisions.

Customer Journeys with ZQ Intelligence®

The customer journey is no longer straightforward, as any marketer, media executive, or researcher knows. A mix of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies is needed to build actionable customer journey insights that brands can be confident in. Luth Research tracks both macro and micro journeys to better understand the customer’s shopping journey and tailor advertising to suit them.

With ZQ Intelligence®, we can analyze the consumer’s journey through key touch points (retailers, manufacturers, and search engines) to paint the "big picture" of the journey, whilst also examining the micro-aspect of the journey through behavior in specific sites across key features such as home, search, product category pages, cart, and purchase.

Having insights across the macro and micro behaviors of the customer helps use data-driven decision making (forget the spray-and-pray approach) to fully understand the customer journey to optimize marketing efforts and ensure a greater return on investment.

ZQ Intelligence® for Ad Effectiveness

How effective are your ads? An increase in revenue is a great sign, but it’s impossible to drill down on where those sales are coming from without data. ZQ Intelligence® can measure ad impact, ad performance, and ad effectiveness by connecting ad exposure with changes in digital behavior. ZQ Ad Effectiveness taps into digital tracking technologies to go far beyond surveys and cookie tracking in determining exposure to a digital ad campaign. Without relying on self-reported ad recall (famously ineffective and inaccurate), a time-sensitive cookie setup, or limitations on mobile, ZQ Ad Effectiveness uncovers not only who your ads are reaching, but how the audience is reacting to them, and which are the most positive aspects of those ads.

With ZQ Intelligence® and ZQ Ad Effectiveness, we help you build more robust customer journeys, uncover the most effective channels, platforms, and advertising approaches, and, ultimately, see greater ROI on media spend. 

For more information about our cutting-edge insight tracking tools, get in touch with our team today. 

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