5 Ways the Shopper Journey is Changing

The Shopper Journey is constantly changing. Here are five progressions that are important for any company to know in 2022.
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Results of Our YouTube Study: What Is Your Target Consumer Watching?

When developing ads for YouTube, knowing what types of videos your target market enjoy can help you to develop your ad strategy.
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How To Use Passive Data Tracking for Niche Markets

Sometimes the most lucrative markets are the hardest to target.
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Fitness Testimony: Who Uses Fitness Apps and Do They Work?

Fitness apps allow users to set personal health goals and automatically track progress toward those goals.
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Retailers: Are You Tracking the Right Data for Your Brand?

Retailers have been tracking customer data ever since the first dry goods store owner jotted down customers’ purchases in a leather-bound ledger with a ...
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How Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

The customer journey contains a variety of purchasing influencers like product and service reviews, targeted ads, and of course, social media.